I Worked for a Sex Hook-Up Line

I leave this job off my resume

Christine Schoenwald
4 min readOct 27, 2021


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Listening to people talk about sex or hooking up sounds like an entertaining and exciting way to earn money. Still, when I worked for a sex chat line, I learned that anything repeated enough loses its ability to thrill.

I have a great telephone voice, and wrong-number-callers continue to leave me messages letting me know how hot they think my voice is and how they want to meet me.

When I was starting out, I planned to have an acting career, so I took on many no-advancement-type jobs — in case I needed to drop everything for a last-minute audition, which turned out to be as unlikely as me agreeing to meet a wrong-number caller.

I've had many voice-centric jobs in customer service over the years because a Theatre Arts degree doesn't give you markable skills. Shocker!

I've worked as a long-distance operator, a telephone customer service clerk for a bank, and a ticket broker.

One of my least favorite jobs was as a phone rep for an ambulance-chasing company, where my duties included luring people who got hurt on the job and had Worker's Comp insurance to come in for legal advice. As aggravating and shady as that last job was, it wasn't boring.

I was unemployed when a friend suggested I apply at the sex chat line where he worked. He said the job was easy and paid well — both of which appealed to me.

I put in an application and was hired on the spot — which didn't seem like a red flag at all. I didn't realize that they had trouble holding on to employees. The friend who'd recommended me quit my first week, but I thought he'd gotten some money selling his art.

My new job said I could work from home, make my hours, and I wouldn't have to deal with angry customers — each new detail made it sound better and better.

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I wasn't clear on exactly what I'd be doing but hoped I wasn't going to be a phone sex operator, which seemed labor-intensive. However, if I had to role play, I'd be able to use my acting skills.



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