It took me a long time to realize my mother was a narcissist

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He knew what he was talking about

Photo by Natasha Hall on Unsplash

Not all friendships were built to last.

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Sex and the kitty

A look into the world of feline fetishes

Photo by Chris Barbalis on Unsplash

An outsider’s inside look at the funeral business

Photo by Rhodi Lopez on Unsplash

Saying you’re sorry isn’t always the best move

Photo by Nikola Johnny Mirkovic on Unsplash

We can watch high-quality theatre in our own home.

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What are he and his lyricist trying to say?

Photo by Kai Dahms on Unsplash

It’s not the worst thing you can say, but that doesn’t make it acceptable.

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It was a professional acting job

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Christine Schoenwald

Writer for The Los Angeles Times, Salon, The Startup, Tenderly, Fearless She Wrote, MuddyUm.

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