8 Traits of People Smitten With Their Kittens

It applies to people with grown cats too

Christine Schoenwald
4 min readAug 11, 2021


Photo by Maksym Diachenko on Unsplash

Did you know it’s perfectly reasonable to be completely in love with your cat? It’s true, pets of any kind can give us joy, a deeper understanding of other creatures, and a whole new level of humanity, so why wouldn’t you adore them?

Pets are the best, and my preference is for cats, so this will be a cat-centric post.

I’m a big proponent of adopt don’t shop, and normally, I would advocate getting an older pet. However, I’m not ashamed to say I recently got a kitten — from a rescue, and I have zero regrets.

We got a kitten because we thought a kitten would integrate better with the rest of our cats. The jury is still sequestered on this question and doesn’t show any signs of making a decision.

Still, as complicated as it’s been, adopting Yuri has brought us so much happiness that any hissy fights, bullying, and acting out on the part of the other cats have been well worth it.

When you get a new cat, dog, or pet of any kind, you become intoxicated with delight. It’s like dating when things are going well, and everything you discover about the other person is enchanting.

However, cool you think you’re about your new pet; your behavior lets everyone know you’ve fallen hard.

The signs are all there, and if you catch yourself doing any of these things, know that you’re smitten, kitten, and you may as well enjoy it.

You know for certain your kitten is the cutest.

Oh, and they’re also the smartest, the most athletic, and most loving. You could go on and on about how fabulous your kitten is, and so you better start now listing off all the amazing qualities your precious baby possesses.

Let me take this opportunity to brag about Yuri — not only is he super adorbs, but he can play fetch. Seeing him retrieving a ball and bringing it back in his mouth could make the coldest heart melt.

You’re constantly tired.

Your kitten isn’t waking you up for middle-of-the-night feedings, but you still aren’t getting nearly enough sleep. Sleep is overrated…



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