7 Life Lessons I Learned Working for an Extremely Rich Woman

There’s a reason they’re able to make money and hold on to it.

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

Lesson #1: Wealthy people have to limit their empathy.

When you’re very rich, people seek you out and ask for money all the time. Rich people can’t afford to feel everyone’s pain, or they’d end up broke and emotionally devastated. It’s safer for them to harden themselves as much as possible to other people's troubles, especially those who have no connection to them.

Lesson #2: The rich are extremely careful with their money.

Having money in the bank doesn’t mean you don’t want to save money. They use money-saving apps, coupons and will take advantage of every deal that presents itself just like everybody else.

Lesson#3: If you have a lot of money, you expect to be accommodated.

Rich people want what they want, and they want it now. It doesn’t matter if it’s complicated or impossible; they won’t allow any excuses. It’s not the wealthy person’s problem if you’re out of stock or closed 10 minutes ago. You better do what you can to give Richelle Rich what she asked for and make it snappy.

Lesson#4: If you’ve made your millions, you know how to work hard.

It’s easy to assume that rich people don’t know how to work, but they do, and they tend to work as hard as they did when they started. Some people luck out and make a lot of money and then use their time to spend it.

Lesson#5: Patience isn’t a virtue that the wealthy have.

Time is often money for successful people, and they can’t afford to wait on people who don’t know what they’re doing, are inept, or aren’t motivated to do their jobs well.

Lesson#6: No, is never an option when they’re asking.

One of the reasons people are successful is that they don’t accept no for an answer. If there’s a problem standing in their way, they figure out a solution. If they stopped every time they got a no, they’d never get anywhere.

Lesson#7: Wealthy people will spend money to save money.

Aurora would buy dozens of pairs of the slippers she liked, and she’d keep them in a special area of her closet, so she was always at the ready when she needed a new pair.

Summary of what I learned.

Whether billionaires or multi-millionaires inherited their wealth or earned it, if they’re wise and financially savvy, they’re careful with it. They don’t throw it away, they watch it carefully, and they look for opportunities to increase it. The idle rich tend not to stay rich for long.

Writer for The Los Angeles Times, Salon, The Startup, Tenderly, Fearless She Wrote, MuddyUm. Christineschoenwaldwriter.com

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