6 Ways to Deal With the Know-It-All in Your Life

If they really knew it all, they wouldn’t be insecure about it.

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How do you live, work, and exist with a know-it-all without losing yourself in the process?

Compulsively answering every question is problem behavior.

Know-it-alls can have trouble working with other people.

Being in a relationship with a know-it-all has its own set of challenges.

There’s a big difference between know-it-alls and people who’re comfortable with their intelligence.

Know-it-alls are frustrating.

Other people are allowed to be right, even if it makes you wrong.

Battling over the last word.

If your relationship is worth working on, there are ways you can deal with a know-it-all without ruining your relationship.

Have a sense of humor.

Ask questions, but in a non-confrontational way.

Encourage them not to know the answer.

Thank them.

Treat them with kindness.

Set boundaries.

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