6 Signs Your Cat Is Using Mind Control

Did you think they were staring at you because you fascinate them?

Christine Schoenwald
5 min readJul 20, 2021


Photo by Wendy Wright on Unsplash

I’m in my office, and Carlos, our cat, is asleep underneath the fan in the window. Kurt, our roommate/friend, comes in, and we start catching up as he’s rarely here.

I notice Carlos’ ears twitching and that he’s no longer in a deep sleep. I get increasingly anxious with each sentence until Kurt and I move to another room to carry on our conversation. Did I do this because of my own free will, or did Carlos use his amazing cat-mind-control powers? I believe the latter is the answer.

Cats may look innocent enough, but they’re cleverer and more devious than we think. We believe we’re the ones in control, but they know better.

The truth is we’re the puppets, and our cats are the puppet masters. They manipulate us into doing their bidding with their walnut-sized brains.

Is your cat controlling you with mind control?

You may be skeptical about my theory. Maybe you’re thinking to yourself, “Cats don’t have the skills or the wherewithal to make humans do their bidding.” Hahaha, humans can be so naive.

Do you follow unspoken rules?

Allie, our grey cat, lives in the bedroom and only comes out for a good brushing. A long time ago, there were some incidents when our other cats bullied her and scared her so much, she pooped. We had to keep her separated from the rest of the feline crew for her safety and still do.

When Allie is eating, no one is allowed to enter or exit the room. If I’m in there, I must find something to occupy myself until she’s finished. Allie hasn’t told us outright about this rule, but we know and follow it.

Clearly, she has flashed into our brains her specific eating protocol and how we must respect it or suffer the unknown but probably devastating consequences.

Do you change your actions to accommodate your cats’ wishes?

If one or more of our cats are enjoying the living room or the adjoining dining room area, vacuuming is forbidden at that time. We know to wait until the…



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