14 Ways Narcissists Become More Toxic as They Age

Getting older doesn’t cause a narcissist to be mellow out.

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Unlike fine wine or cheese, narcissists don’t get better with age.

If you have an aging narcissist in your life, here are some behaviors that can manifest or worsen.

Older narcissists become increasingly closed-minded.

Aging narcissists can become more self-centered.

Aging narcissists become needier.

Rather than growing wiser with age, they’re more immature.

Aging narcissists are alienating.

The older narcissist may develop higher levels of paranoia.

Aging narcissists tend to be inflexible.

Older narcissists are always angry.

Rules don’t apply, especially to the aging narcissist.

Older narcissists think nothing of being abusive to others.

They’re comfortable playing the victim.

Older narcissists have a trail of unsuccessful relationships behind them.

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