10 Ways That Caring for Senior Cats and Toddlers Is the Same

Caring for kids or senior pets isn’t for the squeamish or the easily disgusted.

Senior pets take a lot more care than other pets.

Some ways in which caring for a senior pet looks a lot like caring for a small child.

Both need constant attention:

Some cats may need more emotional support as they age, and others may prefer to be left alone. They may become more dependent on relationships and require more attention — Richard Goldstein, DVM

Silence isn’t golden; it’s nonexistent.

Both older pets and young kids are curious.

It’s necessary to “proof” your house.

Both cats and toddlers deal in the currency of poop.

Senior pets and toddlers are all about themselves.

They eat anything that they see.

They both have bursts of energy after going number two.

They don’t like to get cleaned up, but they can’t do it themselves.

They’re not aware of their limitations.

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